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emilie meeting fans yesterday


Erin Cormier @stanabear · 2m
I cried when they said “there’s no belle on the pic but there’s rumple” & Emilie’s laughing saying “I’ll sign next to my husband” I DIED.

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I've always dreamt of heroics
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@LanaParrilla: Even light shines on the Dark Ones! @emiliederavin @robertcarlyle_
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"What is your favourite Tess, Claire and Belle scene? :)"
↳ Anonymous

For Belle I loved Skin Deep, the season one finale, and The Outsider.

I like a lot of Claire scenes she and Charlie’s relationship was really sweet, and I loved seeing her as Jungle Claire in S6 (especially the scenes between her and Kate), and she had some good stuff with Locke in the early seasons as well. I need to rewatch!

I loved all the Tess scenes with the Valentis! I hate that they ruined Tess’s relationship with them.

"I think this season sounds the best for Belle! I had high hopes for s2, and it was okay until the second half, then after s3 I tought I'll never be optimist again about Belle on this show, but S4 really sounds the best of all. What do you think?"
↳ Anonymous

I’m  thrilled we get to see her mother and learn about her life pre-Rumple! That gives me hope that she will have a good storyline this season.

However, she doesn’t seem to be in the first few episodes that much, and I doubt she’ll ever be a character that has a lot of scenes each episode. I’m excited for Belle’s story this year, but I don’t want people to be disappointed if we don’t see much of her every week. Cautious optimism!